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Tom Gartner

Tom Gartner

Certified Financial Planner Professional

Blog | Risk Assessment

I’m a no bull advocate for my clients, looking out for their best interests first and always. 

I don’t always think what we do is complicated, but people seem to appreciate the help and benefit from it. 

Being able to help people reach their most important goals is extremely enjoyable, as a result what I do doesn’t feel like work. 

In addition to a lot of great on the job experience, I was also fortunate to have a great education as well. This included undergrad at The University of San Diego for a degree in finance and a minor in psychology, a Certificate in Financial Planning at Southern Methodist University, and a Masters of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management from Creighton University.

I'm a voracious reader and follow over 100 news sources daily. The best of what I find is shared on LinkedIn and Twitter, or in my periodic newsletters.

In addition to my love of helping people with their finances, I believe in sharing and giving back to the community. I do this by performing pro bono financial planning services where I can and also support Let's Go Fishing.

Spending quality time my wife Allison and our four children is everything to my non-business world. We love swimming, boating, camping, fishing, and taking time to relax with family and friends.



Some of my articles below, thanks for taking a look!

-Tom Gartner, MSAPM, CFP®


Topics include:


Aging Well


College Planning


Gifting and Estate Planning


Saving Money

Stock Market


Social Security



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So excited with my new normal distribution device!

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