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A Brand New Year - Taking time to check in with yourself

A Brand New Year - Taking time to check in with yourself

| December 27, 2022

Each new calendar year serves as a natural reminder to reflect on gained perspectives and envision the year ahead. We have found that the Wheel of Life assessment helps organize thoughts in terms of identifying successes and potential areas for focus.

Make it Your Own. There are many iterations of the Wheel of Life, and we include the above version by Tony Robbins as a starting point. Revising categories to make them your own is encouraged. What resonates with and makes sense for your unique circumstances? For instance, if you are no longer employed, “Business/Career” might become “Community Service.”

Let it Unfold. Although a simple tool on its face, thoughtfully approached, this exercise highlights strengths and uncovers areas where a different level of attention could be productive for the whole. Let go of any self-imposed constraints: make notes and create multiple drafts as needed, ultimately rating from 1 (low) to 10 (high) the amount of satisfaction you feel in each category.

Question and Answer. Deep thinking and self-inquiry require time and space. Setting aside a few timeslots over, say, a two-week timeframe to revisit categories and scoring can often yield additional meaningful ideas. What activities give you energy, and which are an energy drain? Are there areas you can think about or approach in a whole new way? What changes and resources (including your time) would best contribute to goals and priorities over the next year?

Explore and Expand Resources. With all areas of the ‘Wheel of Life’ being interconnected, your personal and business contacts may be in a position to offer more resources than is realized. We regularly see this overlap in our work with clients. For example, with ISC team members' many years of collective experience, we are able to provide clients with information, connections, and resources beyond the financial arena. It is another part of our holistic approach that gives us energy every day.