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Life is more complicated and seemingly faster moving than ever. Your finances can be like air, taken for granted when things are fine, but absolutely critical when constrained.  Many people realize their goals are important to their lives and choose to work with an expert to help with the myriad of decisions.

You should find someone that you are comfortable with, preferably a nerd that loves learning about the topics so you don’t have to, but we are biased!

The following are tips inspired from real life that might benefit you.

Thanks for taking a look and please stay in touch!

-Your Team at ISC Financial Advisors


Saving Money

These are some light personal finance stories that you might enjoy.

Allison May Hate This, But I Think Our Maintained $4,000 SUV Works Just Fine
Sometimes Tom’s Articles Bore Me
‘Tis The Season to Consider Giving: Food for Thought
Costco Tip to Maybe Save You $400
99 things to do with extra cash
Property & Casualty and The Commodity Sales Trap
Discrimination (against the not yet wealthy) is Still Open and Common in Wealth Management
Periodically the Share, Save, Spend program we do with our three oldest kids can be a little bit of a burden around our household.
Overcoming Shame and Fear with Your Finances
How Some of Your Goals Might Be “Aspirational” or Unnecessary
Money Saving Ideas That Work For Me
Health Savings Account – The ROTH IRA on Steroids
Up to our eyeballs!
7 Tips to staying the course with your investment strategy at work
Middle Class Savings Account Shenanigans
How to save $50,000 or more per year pre-tax with a cash balance plan

Financial and Estate Planning

Your hard earned money and financial resources will keep moving around whether you know it or not, here are some tips for doing it right.

Dance Like the Undertaker
The Million Dollar Meeting
The Marriage Penalty and You
Loving Equally and with Mathematical Precision
The Cabin Trust Solution
The Financial Football
Not Funny
Stress Testing - What If I Get Killed in a Car Accident Today?
Social Security Tips from the Guru Herself
Why Not Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too?
What Are Your Dominant Charitable Motivations? Decision Decisions – If you get to the bottom maybe you should convert some dollars to a Roth IRA
The top 10 reasons someone actually seeks out (financial) advice
#FirstWorldProblems & Alleviating Complexity
Tax Planning Idea for Physicians
Knowing Your “Money Scripts” Can Change Your Life
One Way to Think About Purchases Is in Ratios and Percentages
When Home Improvement Makes Things Worse
On Gratitude and Making the Days Count
This Concept Might Be the Most Important Math Problem for the Next Five Years of Your Financial Life
Entitlement Spending in Retirement
The Top 10 Reasons to Start Financial Planning Early
Credit Card Debt: Where to start?

College Planning

This is an important topic if you don’t have gobs of extra money laying around. Here it’s important to remember “you don't know what you don't know.” The topic is very complex, and there are a lot of valuable tips I’ve collected over the years.

Will Your Kids or Grandkids Be Going to Private School?
Eight Late-Stage College Planning Strategies That You Should Know About
Don't count on sports scholarships and several other great tips from JPM on college planning
If You Are Serious About Your Child Getting into and Through College Without Crippling Debt
Some Benefits You Might Not Know About This College Savings Vehicle
Rising Education Costs: Paying more to be paid less

Aging Well

Monitoring your finances, and tweaking money movements to keep more money in your pocket.

Fitbit for Your Finances
How to Make Money on Your Tax Payments in Retirement
Turning 70 Can be a Confusing Time for Investors
Burial Insurance
A brilliant Seussian adaptation to an important topic
Finding a silver lining of high long-term care medical expenses
Did you give to charity directly from your IRA last year? If so read this
There will be no service.
Nothing Quite Makes Me Sit up and Listen Closely like an Estate Planning Attorney living with Stage 4 Cancer
Should My Family Worry About the New Inherited Retirement Rules?
6 Things We Think You Need To Know
The Growing Problem of Divorce Late in Life and How It Impacts Finances


This is such a wide topic, I’ve tried to condense it to the most valuable observations that might be helpful to you.

The Pomposity of Investing
You Never Know
If You Bet on the End of the World and You “Win”, Who Are You Going to
Collect From?
Knowing That We Don’t Know
Gut Check - Now That The Market is High, It Might Be Time to Revisit The Risk
On Market Timing and Risk Management
When Will the Market Crash?
The DOW Just Passed Twenty-Six Thousand, Should You Sell?
What is a “Hybrid Bond” Investment?
New Capital Gains Tax Rates
The World is Changing, Should Your Investments Change, Too?
Paperwork is Boring, But It Can Be Good
It’s time to change the conversation regarding qualified plans
The Smart Money
How to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to save for more than just medical expenses!
How Much Risk We Are Okay With Is Fluid
Stop the dividends!
For Those That Invested in Their Health Savings Account, This Is the Season to Be Thankful
Tips to staying the course with your investment strategy in your retirement account
The one that almost got away…

Never Use Absolutes and other Miscellaneous items

Tax Planning for 2018-2025
An 8% Simple Return for Eight Years
So excited with my new normal distribution device!
Should I Take an Early Distribution from my Retirement Savings Account?
I’m Moving to a No Tax State, Do I Need A New Financial Planner?
PSA on Health Savings Accounts
A Picture is Worth 10,000 words
So, You're Eligible for Your Company’s 401k, Now What?
You Know You Own That Right?
Bad News for Charities
Times continue to change for the better
I literally just got 10 Trillion dollars in the mail
The Big Data Breach and You
If You Know Someone Who is Grieving, These Rough Notes May Be Helpful
Schwab is now Providing Charitably Minded Clients a Checkbook for Their
Have You Ever Heard These Sayings?
I Told a Millionaire to Think About Taking Out a Car Loan the Other Day
Ninety Pounds
Another Day, Another Dubious Fear Mongering Sales Pitch
I feel duped
What we do is not hard compared to what you did
Our Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
For those few Quicken users left, if you have money at My529 for college savings
Should We Buy Life Insurance on Junior?
Tim Jaynes Earns Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst AIFA® Designation from Fi360
Should I Pay Myself More?
Tough Mudder Completed

Notes From Interesting Speakers We Have Heard

Lessons from the Bernie Madoff Scandal
Medical Crisis & Medical Debt Pro Bono Workshop Notes
I had the opportunity to hear a billionaire speak the other day
Notes from Enron expert and author Bethany McLean
For those of you who love podcasts like me, I thought this might be interesting.
Views from Ben Bernanke
Insights from Janet Yellen
Allison and I recently attended an interesting talk on Capitalism by the great-grandson of President Taft, John Taft.
Lessons on Making a Difference in the Lives of Young People from Alan Page
What Will They Say About You When You Are Gone?
Wealth = Responsibility

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