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Bite Sized Insights - Time is On Your Side

Bite Sized Insights - Time is On Your Side

| September 26, 2022

In times like these, it is worth remembering the fundamental truths of investing.

Stocks tend to do much better over time than most other investments.  But they have a higher degree of variation of returns as a result.  We recently had three good years in the markets, and pullbacks are normal but never fun.

Find your investment lifetime horizon below. 

If you need all your money back in a year, stocks are a very risky place to be!  But if you are going to be around a while, they tend to be life-changing for millions of investors.  Remember this fact as the siren song of the constant panicked news of the day plays on in the background.

Thanks for looking, and we’d love to hear from you if you want to brainstorm around your own situation.

Your ISC Team