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Creative Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Creative Ways to Motivate Your Employees

| August 31, 2020

We know you know how to keep your employees motivated.

However, the tough times are starting to drag on for many people, and winter is coming.  So, even though we focus on helping people with maintaining retirement plans, we thought this information might help you some.

Share Good News Often

Many of us can get so caught up in the day we sometimes might forget to eat lunch, or look up, pause, breathe, and smell the roses once in a while.

Sure, celebrate wins for your company.  But sharing personal things as well can improve your team's mood and camaraderie.

For example, one of our employees recently was able to help their mom get a 3-month-old puppy. It's noteworthy because she has been self-isolating since March and has rarely been able to leave the house.  While this has nothing to do with work, we shared this fun "win" that is impacting someone in our work family's life, and we think things like this help many of us feel good.

Since we are sharing, this is "Duke".

He's a three-month-old Maltese that sleeps about 18 hours a day and currently weighs around a pound. Full-grown, he'll be about three or four pounds. He's doing a great job bringing some much-needed fun and cuteness while hunkering down with his new mom and dad.

Encourage Mental Health Breaks or Days

Whether your employees are working remotely or in your facility, try to get them to get lunch somewhere new, or go for a walk. Company-paid lunches can work well for a little morale boost when we are busy, or when the same old meals aren't exciting you anymore.  Get on Yelp and see if there is a small business you've never been to that you could help out, maybe something different and memorable, like Sushi?  Our building had an ice cream truck from Ben and Jerry's this week.  It was a fun break in the routine.  If people are working from home, gift cards can work great, and you could even encourage them to buy dinner for their whole family with the funds.  When they eat it, they will probably be thinking somewhat fondly of your team and the company, and that's a good thing!

Even a short nap can make a huge difference to one's mood and lead to fresh insights and ideas, too. 

Vacations aren't exactly common these days, but it's still important to disconnect once in a while.  Even if your employees have to do a "staycation," it's still probably better for them and their families than nothing.  Let them know you still expect them to take time off even though times are hard right now and that you care about them.  Finally, encourage digital disconnection from the office. Don't send your employees emails at night or over the weekends if it can wait.  You can still get it off your desk, schedule it to go out at a more appropriate time and day.  Especially while they are on vacation!

Be Visible

This is more important now than ever with so many of our teams working remotely. Something magic happens with high functioning teams working closely together.

It's harder now, so double down on the communication, let them know what is most important.

Let your people know what the core goals for the company are, even after you are tired of repeating it!  Tell them what is not going great, what is, etc. so they have a well-grounded and factual perspective.  Ask for ideas to move everyone toward the shared goals, they want to perform and help.

Speaking of Dogs

Bring a pet to work day has been exceptionally successful for many companies. This might not be ideal depending on the animal, but it can also be celebrated in the work from home environment too. Encouraging employees to share photos of their pets or kids can help bring people together with their shared passions outside of work.

Be Positive

We firmly believe that we will endure past the challenges of this year, and the future will look bright again.

If you share this view, let others know you are looking forward to normal days again and a great future for not only your organization, but most importantly, your employees, their families, and your customers and partners.

We will get through this.

If you'd like help doing a great job for your employee's retirement plan, give us a call.

We love helping too!

Thanks for taking a look,