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Did you ever hear these sayings?

Did you ever hear these sayings?

| October 24, 2017

Well they kept going through my mind recently as I went to see an orthopedic surgeon about my knee that has been giving me some trouble.

I popped it, and figured I would walk be able to walk it off. Lo and behold, that was a terrible plan. 

The following day, I ended up being laid up.

So going in to see a surgeon to figure out what's going on with the knee had me thinking, “Well, I will probably get a recommendation to have some sort of corrective surgery to reattach whatever is going on. After all, that’s what a surgeon does right?”

To my surprise (and relief), the surgeon could not have been happier with the x-ray showing that it was simply a pulled tendon, and not a snapped meniscus or some other equipment I am not at all familiar with. 

Besides being so pleased that I am not even really worried about the bill, the genuine care that was clearly in my best interest was a delight.

It reminded me of times when I go and review a client's financial plan and investments and other ins and outs of their financial life. Sometimes everything is good, and I too am also genuinely happy to let people know that.

This is what we mean by “fiduciary.”

Just because we make a living helping people with their finances doesn't mean that we are trying to work for everyone. 

If there is a genuine need and fit, sure absolutely, but if things are going well or a problem that is perceived is not really so bad upon close examination, we are more than happy to review that with you and send you on your way.

This is the way I think it should be both in medicine and in finance. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the perception. However, with a fiduciary financial planner, that's what you get—honest, no bull advice.