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Don't count on sports scholarships and several other great tips from JPM on college planning

Don't count on sports scholarships and several other great tips from JPM on college planning

| December 30, 2018

Don't count on sports scholarships!

But higher education does tend to pay off, even today.  

Want a job?  You get one.  It might not be perfect, but ninety-eight out of a hundred people with a college degree have one.  

Be careful what degree you pick, and I think starting salaries are a little misleading.  Some jobs have very little earnings upside which is fine if it fits with your plans.  But if you want to support a family, it might take some compromises.  

Look at the cost of college inflation!  It can't keep up, can it?  


Costs go UP, financial aid goes DOWN

"So you are saying there's a chance?"

0.3% of college students get enough grants and scholarships to cover the costs

College debt messes up retirement savings.  I saw a couple in their 20's recently with loan payments equivalent to a $400,000 mortgage.  

We still people buy savings bonds and open up savings accounts for their kids and grandchildren.  The thought is nice, but with 6% inflation annually on college we are going to need to earn some money on it or we'll be peddling backward.

Invest over time, potentially pay a lot less.

I've seen people do this, it can change lives.  FYI Grandparents!

How about a Rockafeller style legacy, an education endowment for your future great grandchildren?

The whole deck and more disclaimers can be found here: 

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