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Finding a silver lining of high long-term care medical expenses

Finding a silver lining of high long-term care medical expenses

| January 08, 2019

Life can get really hard. 

One of the things that we unfortunately see periodically is incredibly high long-term care medical expenses. 

Recently, we had someone that was spending over $100,000 a year on their medical issues. 

It's obviously potentially catastrophic from a financial point of view. 

Then, our thought, along with the CPA, was can we do anything to improve the financial situation, given the huge tax deductible medical expenses?

With some calculations we learned that they were able to take out an additional $50,000+ from their retirement plan free of any serious tax consequences.

The money ultimately will go to the children, which will likely have a much higher tax bracket than basically zero. 

Together we effectively found about a $20,000 plus improvement for the family, or maybe 2+ months of care!

So, the lesson is, if you have a family member with medical expenses like this, please talk to your CPA about potentially accelerating income or making other moves to improve the after-tax utility of the dollars to your family.

This tough situation turned out to have a bit of a silver lining!

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