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Giving Back and Golfing for Good

Giving Back and Golfing for Good

| October 01, 2020

Recently our own Tim Jaynes was on the news fundraising for River Valley Charities where he currently serves as volunteer President. 

Here is a very quick video about some of the great work they are doing, and some more information about the amazing cause. 

Thank you for taking a look! 

-Your ISC Financial Advisors Team 

Click image below to see the short video

About River Valley Charities 

Our goal is to create generational change in the communities where we live and work. We’re making huge strides toward ending hunger in the St. Croix River Valley through a sustainable garden program, supporting local backpack programs, and strengthening community collaboration between organizations and resources resulting in maximum benefit for those we willingly serve. 

Nutrition — We believe providing fresh vegetables to families each week in the backpacks is incredibly important, which is why we are partnering with YMCA Camp St. Croix.  The creation of a sustainable garden that will supply local programs with fresh vegetables year-round. 

High tunnel garden in full bloom 

 In the first year of growing fresh vegetables we have been able to support the following groups: 

  • The Hudson Backpack Program 
  • River Falls Backpack Program 
  • River Falls United Methodist Church 
  • New Richmond Backpack Program 
  • Somerset Backpack Program 
  • Lakeland Food Harvest 
  • Baldwin Woodville Backpack Program 

With the goal of providing important nutrients to our communities, the gardens include lettuce, radishes, spinach, carrots, kale, swiss chard, turnips, green beans, cabbage, peppers, summer squash, cucumbers, onions, bok choi, tomatoes, and melons. We’re excited for another year of planting and harvesting reaping the benefits of the generous resources from our donors for the hungry in the St. Croix River Valley. 

 Lettuce harvesting

Backpack Programs — Several school backpack programs are feeding hungry children across the St. Croix River Valley. These programs send backpacks with nonperishable, child-friendly meals and food vouchers home with participants on weekends and throughout the summer. We assist these organizations with funding and fresh produce so they can continue to provide help to families in need. Our goal is to expand and reach more children throughout the river valley region to end hunger. 

Connecting our Community for Change – Our mission, connecting and empowering our communities for generational change, is about ensuring we have sustainable resources to end food insecurity in the St. Croix River Valley. Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, we partnered with The Sheridan Story,  an incredible organization driven to end child hunger.  We successfully connected their resources to local backpack programs, providing more food to children and families in our communities. 

We take our mission and the resources entrusted to us very seriously. We hope through these stories and examples you have a better understanding of how River Valley Charities is able to steward the generous donations received to the best of our abilities. 

As we continue the fight to end hunger, additional donations and resources to support our efforts are needed. Our goal to raise $100,000 dollars in 2020-2021, will provide $50,000 to area backpack programs, and the balance will fund: 

  • An additional high tunnel garden, allowing additional production of fruits and vegetables for our communities. 
  • A walk-in cooler, providing additional on-site produce storage. 
  • Sinks and counters for vegetable washrooms. 
  • An industrial salad spinner, to wash greens on site, so they are ready to eat when delivered. 
  • A washdown gun for efficient and effective vegetable cleaning. 
  • A caterpillar tunnel, allowing for extended crop producing season. 

Interested in joining the cause? Get involved or donate now.