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In Pursuit of Memory Value

In Pursuit of Memory Value

| June 07, 2022

As part of my investment and wealth management work with clients, in talking about the balance between enjoying the present and planning for the future, the way we think about creating meaningful experiences and memories often enters the conversation.

Some of our most easily remembered experiences, to which we attribute a high Memory Value, are associated with standout events. For example, bucket list activities, vacations, major purchases, or life milestones. What I have found to be cumulatively as meaningful, is intentionally replacing usual circumstances with those of a higher Memory Value. Looking to meet again for coffee or lunch? Instead, choose to converse while walking a nearby nature trail or enjoying a park setting - creative options abound for all ages and activity levels.

The work we look to accomplish together frequently necessitates electronics and/or office settings. While visiting over a beverage or meal can be its own lovely and memorable experience, there is something inherently special about sharing time and life-planning conversations in varied and less traditional settings. I may not recall the coffee shop we met at three years ago, but will always remember visiting Noerenberg Gardens and the insights exchanged while chatting lakeside in the shade of the gazebo.

As time marches on, seeking opportunities to engage with others in ways that provide higher Memory Value – and perhaps a different flavor of conversation - seems a worthwhile endeavor and something I look to apply to all areas of life.