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Outlook Productivity Tip

Outlook Productivity Tip

| June 05, 2018

Seeking improved email productivity (read spend less time on low priority emails) I recently upgraded to the latest desktop version of Outlook 365, from 2013.

I was excited about the new clutter feature, but I quickly learned it wasn’t for me. Instead of sorting low priority but desired emails into another folder for later review it split up the inbox into “Focused” and “Other.”

On the surface, this sounds fine, but the unread email count includes the low priority emails. This can make it seem like your inbox needs a lot of work when in reality there might now be anything important in there.

So I’ve gone back to rules for each low priority email to go into what I call “Clutter 3.0”.  The really great news is while creating a rule used to take about 30 seconds of processing time, now it’s a much quicker maybe 5 seconds!

Long story short, if your email is taking up too much time in your life and you use Outlook, I suggest you consider taking the time to upgrade. It took about 30 minutes of downtime for our tech people to make the installation. 

If I’m missing how to properly use the new “Other” inbox, or you have any productivity tips, please let me know and thanks for taking a look! 

Tom Gartner, MSAPM, CFP®

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