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Overcoming Shame and Fear with Your Finances

Overcoming Shame and Fear with Your Finances

| July 09, 2019


  • Shame is a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by foolish behavior.

  • Fear is a belief that something is likely to cause pain.


These emotions are, unfortunately, common when discussing one’s money situation. 

These feelings are, unfortunately coming up more often.

Money is not only the number one cause of stress in relationships; your relationship with money might also be a blind spot.  Many struggle with getting their financial house in order, despite the fact it's often pretty painless.

You wouldn’t believe the relief that is common coming out of our planning process!  Usually, it's not only much better news than one fears, but it feels cathartic to have a prioritized game plan to improve your financial situation. 

Any shame or fear that you might have about doing things imperfectly, and admitting life isn't a fairy tale is a wonderful thing to let go, if you allow yourself.

The reality is that nobody is even close to perfect, and I can count on one hand the people I know who can meet every financial desire without hard prioritization and careful thought. 

It's tempting to go into real-life examples, but they probably aren't what you are facing.  You have an idea of what needs to be addressed in your financial life; we are here and have the tools and expertise you need to make progress. 

Please remember, whether it's the fear of being judged about how you manage your money or owning up to a lack of strategy, it's a safe bet you'll be better off on the other side.

The only thing we can control is the present and by extension, some of our paths into the future. 

Let’s focus on what can be controlled and improved, and make progress together to align your resources with your most important priorities.

Remember we are here to help, not to judge. 


Thanks for taking a look!

Tom Gartner, MSAPM, CFP®



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