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Peace of Mind – The Power of a Wealth Management Plan

Peace of Mind – The Power of a Wealth Management Plan

| May 19, 2022

Power Play. Economic uncertainties and market volatility can leave many wondering what to do next. What I have come to embrace during my years in the industry, is that the investing piece is not always the most important part of the equation in achieving one’s lifestyle goals and personal priorities. The real power is in the planning - in fueling preparedness, goal success, and creating peace of mind along the way.

The Value of a Multi-Year Context. The place to start is with thoughtful conversations centered on identifying, and then developing how to best manage for, near- and long-term needs and considerations. As part of the planning process, there can be exponential value for analyses that provide a multi-year context that goes beyond what standard planning software delivers.

For instance, an area where this becomes exceedingly important is in modeling the impact of different tax mitigation strategies over multiple years and across various scenarios, including assessing the timing/impacts of executive equity awards as applicable. Another example is illustrating options for tax-advantaged ways to achieve legacy and/or philanthropic goals. Yes, the investing piece needs to work, although I layer on this context: the greatest purpose of investing is first and foremost to support the wealth management planning.

Proactive Peace of Mind. The markets – and life – are always dynamic. Ensuring efficient management and smart utilization of your assets in service to your plan is paramount. This includes proactively gaining insight into near-term and big-picture options across all areas of wealth management, and in ways that can be revisited and adjusted when needed.