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There will be no service.

There will be no service.

| March 19, 2019

The number of people that I'm seeing that aren't having funeral services these days is a bit alarming.  As somebody that isn't concerned with the pomp and circumstance of the traditions, I do recognize that there is a benefit to those left behind. 

Even when someone lived a long life and had a serious illness where death might be a blessing, it's still important to mourn.

With an increasingly secular population, people are opting for no obituary, no funeral, no service, no nothing…  I think it's a bit sad. 

One of the things that my parents taught me that will always ring true in my mind, is that you'll never regret going to a funeral.  You'll only regret not going.  It only took missing one to confirm this is true. 

Now the people that have lost their loved one know she's gone, but may not even have 15 “formal” minutes to acknowledge it and have closure. 

I don’t know what the solution is.  But if you care about someone where there won’t be a service for their loved one, maybe make an extra effort to reach out and listen? 

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