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We are pleased to announce the promotion of Charlie Achterkirch and hiring of Matt Bennis

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Charlie Achterkirch and hiring of Matt Bennis

| July 10, 2017

Charlie’s great work has earned him a promotion to an advisor role on the team with Tom Gartner and Tim Jaynes.

His primary duties moving forward will be to work closely with Tom and Tim on client service and investment management. Some of these duties will include assisting with client account reviews, financial planning follow-up, and be an additional resource available to our clients.

Charlie has been a great addition to our team, and we are excited to keep him moving upwards.

On a side note, Charlie is about 2/3 of the way through the education program required to obtain his CFP, Certified Financial Planning, designation. He will become the third CFP at ISC Financial when he passes the certification exam.

Charlie has also recently gotten married! We would like to congratulate him and his new wife Amanda as they embark on their lifetime journey together.

We are also excited to announce the addition of Matthew Bennis.

Matt graduated from the University of Minnesota - Morris with degrees in Financial Management and Economics.

Matt has replaced Charlie and will sit at the front desk to answer incoming calls while he learns the financial services industry, our processes, and most importantly, each one of you.

During the next couple of years, Matt has his eye on earning the CFA, Chartered Financial Analyst, designation and will begin the intensive process in the Fall of 2017.

Something unique to know about Matt is that he is a member of MENSA International, the largest and oldest IQ society in the world! To become a member of MENSA International Matt scored above the 98th percentile on a standardized IQ test. Matt is a very smart individual who we have noticed studying computer ‘coding’ to better understand the numerous software applications we utilize at ISC Financial.