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What if College Is On Hold?

What if College Is On Hold?

| August 10, 2021

If you have a child or grandchild who doesn’t seem to be on track to attend college, this note may be of interest to you.

Investments in a college savings plan might need extra attention if the child does not intend to pursue a degree. It’s ok and actually quite common.

College planning is generally rather easy—the biggest hurdle is funding the account to let it grow over time. Things don’t always work out as we had hoped, and college can sometimes turn out not to be the right fit for a child.

If you find yourself in this situation, please reach out for a frank discussion and to develop a game plan on what to do with the money. There are several good options.

We can move the assets for the benefit of another child or change the amount of risk we are taking since your situation has changed. After all, a four-year time horizon is much different than a one-year or ten-year time horizon! Making these adjustments could mean much more wealth for your family.

We’d love the opportunity to offer valuable guidance in this area. Analyzing your options—the pros and cons—based on your goals is of the utmost importance.

You don’t have to let the money sit in cash or low-yielding bonds. We can help put that money to the best use for you and your family.

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