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Tom Gartner, MSAPM, CFP®

Tom Gartner, MSAPM, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner Professional


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Advisors often work within a “niche” – tailoring services to a specific clientele. My favorite clients are widows looking for guidance as well as individuals and families interested in multi-generational tax and wealth transfer strategies. I guess you could say I enjoy working with people who want to keep what they and their loved ones have worked so hard to earn over the decades.

As a no-bull advocate for my clients, I look out for your best interests. First and always. For me, being able to help others is particularly enjoyable and fulfilling. Aside from sophisticated ongoing planning services, I regularly drop whatever I’m doing to help clients during major life events such as illnesses, deaths, career changes, and other difficult circumstances.

Those who know me best are keenly aware of how much of a voracious reader I am. I follow dozens of news sources daily. The best of what I find is often shared on LinkedIn or in my periodic newsletters. My social media content also features things beyond current financial insights – you might also see pictures of my family in addition to Ichthyology (I’m a fish nerd!) and some humor.

I believe in giving back when I can do so efficiently and with high impact. I enjoy providing pro bono financial planning services. I support and serve enthusiastically on the board of the Let’s Go Fishing with Seniors charity.

Along with my extensive financial planning experience, I have the following formal education and certifications:

  • A finance degree from The University of San Diego with a minor in psychology
  • A Certificate in Financial Planning from Southern Methodist University
  • A Master of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (MSAPM) from Creighton University
  • I am also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional

Away from the office, I cherish spending time with my wife Allison and our four children. We love boating, fishing, traveling, and just being together.

I encourage you to check out some of my articles below if you want to learn more about me and what I do.

Thanks for taking a look, and I look forward to hearing from you!


-Tom Gartner, MSAPM, CFP®





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